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I am just wondering if there is some command which tells me if I have access to a certain queue on a cluster with sge. Thanks:)

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Use qstat's -U option. From the man page for qstat(1):

     -U user,...
          Displays status information with respect to  queues  to
          which  the specified users have access. Status informa-
          tion for jobs is displayed either for those which  exe-
          cute in one of the selected queues or which are pending
          and might get scheduled to those queues in principle.

You can then do

$ qstat -U yourusername -g c

to see a list of all the queues you have access to, or

$ qstat -U yourusername -g c -q yourqueuename

to determine if you can access a specific queue(the list will be empty if you do not have access).

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