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Iam trying to bind attr values to dropdown as i need more than 2 values to get bind to dropdown.

    success: function (JSONData) {
            var Ports = $.parseJSON(JSONData.d);
            $(".ddlFrom").append("<option  value=''>   </option>");

            $.each(Ports, function (index, value) {
            $(".ddlFrom").append("<option value='" + value.ID + "'>" + value.Name + "</option>")
                                .attr("Sequence", value.Sequence);


But here iam having list of Data coming to Dropdown and iam getting last sequence when i select any item in the dropdown., i want respective sequnce of selected value of dropdown

Any help

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Try this :

var Ports = $.parseJSON(JSONData.d);
var select = $(".ddlFrom");
$.each(Ports, function (index, value) {
    select.append("<option value='" + value.ID + "'>" + value.Name + "</option>")
    select.find(":last").attr("Sequence", value.Sequence);

Or (a simpler way) would be to add this with the HTML you're appending like this :

var Ports = $.parseJSON(JSONData.d);
var select = $(".ddlFrom");
$.each(Ports, function (index, value) {
        select.append("<option value='" + value.ID + "' Sequence='" + value.Sequence + "'>" + value.Name + "</option>")

On a higher stance, it isnt HTML semantics to use custom attributes (nothing wrong, but might make ur HTML look ugly). You could maybe try using data which jquery recommends for storing info abt the element.

To get a value out of this, be sure to navigate into the select element using jquery's find() like this:


Else you'll end up with an undefined error :)

Working fiddle (Updated)

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i dont want only last value, i want associated sequence value of that selected dropdown –  þÍńķ May 29 '13 at 6:10
let me see if ive got this right - first option -> first sequence, second option- second sequence, so on, right? –  bundleofjoy May 29 '13 at 6:13
Yes..., If i have 3 records say id 1,2,3 and name a,b,c seq 01,02,03 and if i select a from dropdown i must get seq as 01.., –  þÍńķ May 29 '13 at 6:18
In your second ans i must use Sequnce as attribute to use it correct? –  þÍńķ May 29 '13 at 6:18
Do you want the value which i comes out to be the corresponding sequence? If thats the thing then this must suffice. Check that fiddle i added for more clarity –  bundleofjoy May 29 '13 at 6:20

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