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    I am trying to load a html string as
NSString *htmlData = @"This is a  <b> bold text </b>  ";

    [aWebView loadHTMLString:htmlData baseURL:nil];

but i am not getting the out as bold text. Its just displaying the output as bold text

What am i doing wrong ?

I guess this is a bug in WebView , as it is not able to render the htmlentities properly.

Thanks Biranchi

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Not sure from your question what you want exactly, some of the markup has been likely eaten by stackoverflow.

Anyway this HTML:

This is a  <b> bold text </b>

display as:

This is a  <b> bold text </b>

Whereas this HTML:

This is a  <b> bold text </b>

displays as:

This is a  <b>bold text </b>

Finally this:

This is a  <b>bold text </b>

display actual bold text:

This is a bold text

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thanks , got it –  Biranchi Nov 9 '09 at 4:55

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