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I am a MSSQL user now I am converting my database to MySQL,
I am writing following query in MySQL.

select col1 as [My Column] from table1

Error : You have an error in sql syntax

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You have a syntax error because the escape character (delimiter) is different from MSSQL. You need to use backtick instead of brackets. eg,

select col1 as `My Column` from table1

MySQL => backtick
MSSQL => bracket

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Remove []

select col1 as MyAliasName from table1


select col1 as `My Alias Name` from table1
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Aliasses work the same in mysql, but you need to use other delimiters: Instead of:

select col1 as [My Column] from table1;


select col1 as ´My Column´ from table1;

or without any delimiters if the table/column-name doesn't contain any special characters:

select col1 as MyColumn from table1;

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select col1 as my_column from tablename;
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