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I have a query like below,

Any ideas, why I am getting only the exact match results when I do search . For Example ;

When I search "Aegli" i get results, but when I search for "Aegl" No results returned

query = {
        "query": {"query_string": {"query": "%s" % q}},
        "filter": {"term": {"has_product": 1}},
        "facets": {
            "destination": {
                "terms": {"field": "destination.en"},
                "facet_filter": {"term": {"has_product": 1}}
            "hotel_class": {
                "terms": {"field": "hotel_class"},
                "facet_filter": {"term": {"has_product": 1}}},
            "hotel_type": {
                "terms": {"field": "hotel_type"},
                "facet_filter": {"term": {"has_product": 1}}},
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That's the way an inverted index like lucene is supposed to work. You can either decide to index ngrams (but your index will grow really quickly) or use a wildcard query (slower). –  javanna May 29 '13 at 11:34
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I do not see your real query but you might be missing * at end of your search word and your query string should be like;

{"query_string": {"query": "%s*"}

For example;

{"query_string": {"query": "Aegl*"}
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I think this something that should be solved with NGRAM tokenizers. This method might be bad for scaling. –  tunavargi May 29 '13 at 11:17
You can take a look here for a discussion about tokenizers stackoverflow.com/questions/16816628/… –  jackdbernier May 29 '13 at 19:15
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Having a mapping like below

    "mappings": {
        "hotel": {
            'properties': {"name": {
                "type": "string",
                "search_analyzer": "str_search_analyzer",
                "index_analyzer": "str_index_analyzer"


    "settings": {
        "analysis": {
            "analyzer": {
                "str_search_analyzer": {
                    "tokenizer": "keyword",
                    "filter": ["lowercase"]

                "str_index_analyzer": {
                    "tokenizer": "keyword",
                    "filter": ["lowercase", "substring"]

            "filter": {
                "substring": {
                    "type": "nGram",
                    "min_gram": 1,
                    "max_gram": 20

Solved my problem

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