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My aim here is to read the post that the users let when they write on a fan page.

I'm able to read the feed of the fan page using the id/feed but on the result didn't appear the post of the users.

Anyone know the way to do that?

I figure it out that as administrator you can make a post of the user appear as a post in the page, but don't know how to do it automatically or by default.

Hope you understand what I mean, if not say it and I will upload example pics



As I could figure it out by myself, It's not possible to make the user post show on your timeline by default, you can do this manually going to "Recent post by others" and click show on timeline, but looks like there is no option to do this automatically.

So my aim now is how can I read using the graph api, the "Recent post by others"

Should be an option, because I'm able to read the feed, but there are not showing this psot. Any ideas?

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