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I have a list of pictures that need to be displayed. The list of pictures is very large (500+) and I did not want to load each by individually naming them in the html code for the href attribute of the a tag. Hence, I used javascript to generate filenames incremented by 1, which produces the correct filepath. Here is the javascript:

function bigpicture()
        var filepath = "\"images/print/latest/" ;
        var ext = ".png\"";
        var total = filepath + num + ext;
        num = num + 1;

When I call bigpicture() I get the correct filepath and name, and all multiple calls it increments as well. My problem is getting this string to display after the href attribute of my a tag, as seen here:


<div class = "big">
                <a href=<script>bigpicture()</script> rel="lightbox" title=""><img class="floated_img" img src="images/print/latest/small/1.png" /></a>


I assumed (incorrectly) that I could call the function like this, but it does not work. Could anyone tell me how to execute the script in a way that the sting appears after href? Thank you.

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I think you should add the href dynamically either using onCLick or inside bigpicture() function during the filename generation – manish May 29 '13 at 7:40
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The way your doing it won't work because the function call is not bound to any event in your html code like an onload or onsubmit and therefore won't execute.

I would use jQuery to append to your ul in the big div. Your call to bigpicture() could look like this:


  function bigpicture()
    var filepath = "./images/print/latest/" ;
    var ext = ".png\"";
    for(var i = 0; i < numOfPictures; i++){
        $('#big ul').append('<li>' + filepath + i + ext + '</li>');


  $(function(){     //this is jQuery shorthand for document ready
      bigpicture(); //anything in this anonymous function will execute
    })              //after HTML document has been loaded


The document ready info comes from here

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That seems way better, how would I implement it in my html though? should I just call the function in the list where my list object would usually be? – nkorai May 29 '13 at 7:56
The function, when executed, would populate the ul with li's.The function is being called once already in the document.ready anonymous function. The only thing you would need to add to the code above is the true value of numOfPictures – Gruff McGruff May 29 '13 at 14:12

You could place your function within an onclick handler.

The onclick handler will bind the variable this to your a-node.

Maybe you need in combination with lightbox a handler before onclick like onmousedown

How to change href of <a> tag on button click through javascript

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