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I would like to traverse the bookmark tree synchronously but recursion through the tree like this:

function traverseBookmarks(bookmarkTreeNodes) {
for(var i=0;i<bookmarkTreeNodes.length;i++) {
    if(bookmarkTreeNodes[i].children) {


But when I print out the properties of bookmarkTreeNodes[i] using this:

function objToString(obj){
  var a = '';
  for(var p in obj){
    a += p + ' : ' + obj[p] + ' \n';
  return a;

I get this:

dateAdded : 1369804994102 
dateGroupModified : 1369805295054 
id : 2240 
index : 9 
parentId : 1 
title : Diet 

There is no children property like the API says there should be. Without children there is no synchronous way to traverse the bookmark tree. Currently, I have to use the id of each folder node then use the asynchronous function chrome.bookmarks.getChildren() to retrieve the children which causes all sorts of other problems, such as subsequent code executing before async calls have finished.

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No, there's a bug in your code. To satisfy yourself that this is the case:

  1. Either inspect your popup or open a page that your extension loads on, and switch the page context in the inspector to your extension.
  2. Switch to the console.
  3. Type chrome.bookmarks.getTree(function(r){console.log(r);});
  4. Expand the object that gets logged. As long as you actually do have a hierarchy of bookmarks, you'll see objects with children, as promised.

You didn't say how you retrieved bookmarkTreeNodes, so it's not possible to tell from your question where the bug is. If you put a similar console.log at the top of your callback function and see different results, then you will have narrowed the bug to however you're getting bookmarkTreeNodes.

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First of all thanks so much for your time! This was right in front of my face but I over complicated things. Much appreciated. –  Gruff McGruff May 30 '13 at 14:36

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