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In PostgreSQL user is a reserved keyword that is used in an internal table, however I also have a separate user table in my own database that I need to use. Whenever I try to execute INSERT or UPDATE statements on the table, it generates the following error: The column name 'id' was not found in this ResultSet.

This is the Java code I am currently using:

PreparedStatement stat1 = conn.prepareStatement("SELECT id FROM user;");
PreparedStatement stat2 = conn.prepareStatement("UPDATE user SET date_created = ? , last_updated = ? , uuid = ? WHERE id = ?;");
ResultSet rs = stat1.executeQuery();
    UUID uuid = UUID.randomUUID();
    String tempId = uuid.toString();

    stat2.setTimestamp(1, curDate);
    stat2.setTimestamp(2, curDate);
    stat2.setString(3, tempId);


So my question is, how could I insert or update the values in my personal user table without interfering with the keyword restriction?

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Escape the table name like this

select * from "user";
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thanks @Funtik , now i understand just simple way to escape characters in java. – Harmeet Singh Taara May 29 '13 at 8:06

Use this:

prepareStatement("UPDATE \"user\" set date_created = ?")

Or, better yet, rename your user table to something else, like users:

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