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sorry newbie here. I want to send the value created by jquery to server side to save to pdf using wkhtmltopdf. I got wkhtmltopdf working but blank inputs and dropdown.


sorry I'm to's what i got.

my jquery onchange

            var id2 = $("#description option:selected").attr('value');
                        $.post("./includes/select_producprice_n_showpage.php", {id2:id2},

                        //show price---------------------------


include "select.class.php";
echo $opt->productPrice();
echo $opt->ShowPage();

my php to query

public function productPrice()
            $sql = "SELECT prodPrice FROM description WHERE id_type = $_POST[id2]";
            $res = mysql_query($sql,$this->conn);
            $row = mysql_fetch_array($res);
            $price =  $row['prodPrice'];
            return $price;

        public function ShowPage()
            $sql = "SELECT * FROM insidepage WHERE id_p = $_POST[id2]";
            $res = mysql_query($sql,$this->conn);
            $page = '<option value="0">choose...</option>';
            while($row = mysql_fetch_array($res))
                $page .= '<option value="' . $row['id_price'] . '">' . $row['insidepage'] . '</option>';
            return $page;

here's where my data will be generated by jquery

<td align="left">   <select id="description"></select>  </td>
<td align="center"> <label id="productPrice"></label>   </td>
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The answer is relative on how the server is able to accept your request.

If the server accept an HTTP Post/Get, you can try to send it using or get() method, which described in detail in this link :

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You might want to use $.ajax() for this. See docs .

Might be get or post. depending on your requirements.

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