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I need search some words in Eclipse wokspace. It should be exaclty matching that word. I need to search 'AT' in eclipse workspace. But when I use eclipse search for AT it gives all the results which includes AT in any word which I dont want. Later I realised that I can use regular expression in Eclipse search for matching the exact word. For that I used the following regular expression. But It does not give any result.


For example : I need to Search AT. It gives the result CAT as well. I need to get the result only AT.

public static final String AT = "AT" ;

The search result gives AT,CAT,ATA,etc.. But I dont need all these results. I need only AT

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Can you give example of what you are actually looking for? If it is ' AT ' (with spaces around) then just do a normal search and add the spaces –  DaveRlz May 29 '13 at 8:36
I have edited the question –  user414967 May 29 '13 at 8:41

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Try the following:

Got to Search -> Search ... or simply press Ctrl+H to open the extended search dialog. There change the tab to File Search and on the right hand side check the Regular Expression checkbox.

After doing so you're able to search your whole workspace with your regex (\bAT\b worked just fine for me).

Hope this helpes. Have Fun!

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Browse to your workspace through file explorer . Open all source code in notepad++ . Ctrl+F . Tick regular expression in search dialog of notepad++ . Enter your regex and hit find in all open files .

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It worked me as well after restarting the Eclipse!!! I dont know what happened. With the following regular expression, it worked fine!!! Thanks to all!!!

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Depending on what tou exactly search, you can use the following regexp :


It should match :

  • "AT"
  • or [space]AT[space]
  • or a line containing only AT
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