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I have a website working on Azure and I have a domain registered at united domains. The domain redirects to azure with "URL-Hiding" (means that ud simulates the server, by having a server between the user and azure). Now I figured out, that now it's not possible to send PUT-requests. United domains delivers an error page, saying that PUT requests are not allowed on their server. Now how can I fix this? What I need is that mydomain.com/testpage shows xxx.azurewebsites.net/testpage, but it shouldn't redirects to it. If the only way is not to use PUT-requests anymore, this would cause big restructuring in my project.

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Why you use domain redirect at ISP level, rather then CNAME and A records?

You can read more here on how to use your own domain with Azure Cloud Service or Storage.

And here, you can find the article about how to configure custom domain for Azure web sites.

I would recommend to not use domain redirect with Azure Services at all!

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Oh thanks, wasn't into that topic enough. I'll try this. –  thnew May 29 '13 at 9:11

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