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I am having a problem with datetime format in a dataset.

In the database date format is:10/5/2009 10:10:10

but i get an error:FormatException, when attempting to fill the DataSet:

string query = "SELECT * FROM teklif"; 
c.db = new SQLiteDataAdapter(query, c.con); 
c.db.Fill(ds);  // Error Here...
dt = ds.Tables[0];

How do I resolve this issue?

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More info is needed. Is the date in the database stored as an actual datetime data type, or is it stored as a char/varchar, and you're trying to convert? Can you post your code for where this error is occurring? If it's not in code, can you type up the steps to reproduce? –  David Stratton Nov 5 '09 at 14:36
Post some code. You haven't supplied enough information for anyone to understand what the problem is. –  pmarflee Nov 5 '09 at 14:36
by the way i get ann error when i load data in table to datset –  qasanov Nov 5 '09 at 14:36
When are you getting this error? When you try to populate the Dataset via a [Data|Table]Adapter, or when you try to access an individual column on a row? –  Josh Nov 5 '09 at 14:36
string query = "SELECT * FROM teklif"; c.db = new SQLiteDataAdapter(query, c.con); c.db.Fill(ds); dt = ds.Tables[0]; –  qasanov Nov 5 '09 at 14:37

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It would appear that you are not initializing the adapter right.

 MySQLiteConn = new SQLiteConnection("Data Source=" + fileName +
                    "; Compress = TRUE;");
SQLiteCommand cmd = MySQLiteConn.CreateCommand();

            SQLiteDataAdapter dr = new SQLiteDataAdapter(cmd);
            SQLiteDataAdapter adapter;
                cmd.CommandText = "SELECT * FROM teklif";
                adapter = new SQLiteDataAdapter(cmd);
                dt = new DataTable();
            catch (Exception ex)
                Console.WriteLine("Retrieval of Table Failed. " + ex.Message);
                return -1;

If that fails then make sure that is the correct table name in your sqlite database.

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This is supposed to be cleaner? –  Joel Coehoorn Nov 5 '09 at 14:50
Sorry It was not formatted by Josh when I initially replied. –  mcauthorn Nov 5 '09 at 15:00

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