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So I have this WordPess site that has a myriad of custom links in its menu, and I figured it would save me some time to simply set a class active to the current menu item using js instead, and jQuery in particular. Like so -

var url = window.location;
$('a[href*="' + url + '"]', 'header').addClass('active');

Goodbye php overhead!

Using this script I can't seem to set the class when on a single page though, even if the url partly matches a menu item (for example, a category name is in the menu and the url is /thatcategory/somepost/). Is there something that I can add to this script that would run it the same way on all pages?

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Make sure your trailing slashes match, so if there is a slash at the end of window.location, there needs to be one in your href. It might also help if you check if the links have a full domain in them or not.

http// is not going to match a link with href /one/two

Might be worth looking into using window.location.pathname and match on that instead of the full URL.

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Thanks for the suggestion, solved it using document.location.href and then splitting up those paths. – Staffan Estberg May 29 '13 at 19:13
Glad I could help! From what I can see, document.location is deprecated and not recommended. Use window.location.href instead. – ZorleQ May 29 '13 at 19:54

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