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I am trying to add confidence intervals to the points displayed in the attached plot using ggplot2. (2 datasets, one X axis, 2 Y axes)

The points represent the mean value (val column in the dataframe). The data frame also contains the upper and lower values (L and U columns)

t<-data.frame(rep(c( "AA","AG","GG"),2), c(79.29365,47.67004,22.86688,28.41990,33.29651,36.76852),


p <- ggplot(data = t, mapping = aes(x =t$x, y = t$val))
p <- p + facet_grid(panel ~ ., scale = "free")
p <- p + layer(data = d1, mapping=aes(x = d1$x, y = d1$val), geom = c( "point"), stat = "identity",size=3) 
p <- p + layer(data = d2, mapping =aes(x = d2$x, y = d2$val),geom = "point", stat = "identity",size=3)
p<-p+xlab("Genotypes")+ylab("Quantitative trait")+ggtitle("RS")

enter image description here

I have managed to plot the error bars in a simple ggplot graph for one dataset, however I am failing to correctly add them to both plots as I have tried to do above.

ggplot(d1, aes(x = d1$x, y = d1$val)) +  geom_point(colour="gray", size = 4)+geom_errorbar(aes(ymax = d1$U, ymin = d1$L),width=0.05) +theme_bw()

Thanks in advance.

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Just add the following command to the existing plot and everything will work fine:

geom_errorbar(aes(ymax = U, ymin = L), width = 0.05) 

Note. I refer to U and L instead of d1$U and d1$L. The errorbar limits of both layers are already present in t.

enter image description here

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OK, it worked..thanks –  agatha May 29 '13 at 10:08
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