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I have an application which uses both TCP ( Winsock API ) and HTTP ( WININET API ) sockets . It's a multi-threaded application and i have a case where when there is a network failure i invoke a Reconnect Thread ( has a while loop , sleeps for few seconds though , each for tcp reconnect & http reconnect - basically attempt socket connection) . When both tcp reconnect thread & http reconnect thread runs after a certain period tcp reconnect thread arrives at this line :

TCP Reconnect Thread :

    DWORD WINAPI MyThreadProc ( LPVOID lParam )
       printf ( "In MyThreadProc" ) ;
       // Code
       return 1 ;

    hSampleHandle = CreateThread ( 0 , 0 (LPTHREAD_START_ROUTINE)MyThreadProc, this , 0 , &threadId ) ;

HTTP Reconnect thread :

     DWORD WINAPI MyHttpThreadProc ( LPVOID lParam )
       printf ( "In HTTP Reconnect" ) ;
       // Code
       return 1 ;

     hHttpReq = CreateThread ( 0 , 0 , MyHttpThreadProc , this , 0 , &ThreadId ) ;

I check for hSampleHandle return value and it isnt NULL also i get a threadId . But MyThreadProc isn't getting invoked . I then do WaitForSingleObject which timesout . I really want to know what is the reason for this behaviour ?

Update : 1)Having commented out the code in MyHttpThreadProc i couldnt reproduce the bug . So it is very clear that some resource is shared between winsock & wininet implementation that causes this strange behaviour .

2)I tried freezing the HTTP reconnect thread ( From ThreadWindow in Visual Studio 2012 ) and it the TCP reconnect thread worked fine . This led to the follwng probes :

P.S : 1) There are no shared resources between these two at application level .

2) I suspected a deadlock and continued to debug in windbg ( user-mode deadlocks ) which showed 9 critical sections but all 9 sections having lockcount value to be NOT LOCKED .

3) My another suspect is the use of WINSOCK & WININET together. I know both of them uses mswsock.dll and could it be a loaderlock that causes a kernel deadlock ? On issuing !kdexts.locks i face some errors so i havent dig deep on that .

4) Does this comes under a thread freeze category ? Can someone explain on this behaviour .

5) This http://www.cpptalk.net/threadproc-does-not-run-when-createthread-is-called-within-vt7735.html isn't useful here since i dont use a seperate dll .

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I would first fix the reason for having to cast the function pointer - that's usually a sign of a bug. And without more information we can't really help you otherwise, my crystal ball just broke this morning. Create a Short, Self Contained, Correct Example –  Voo May 29 '13 at 9:57
Please post declaration of MyThreadProc. –  hmjd May 29 '13 at 9:59
Show more code. The only problem I see is an unnecessary (and dangerous) cast. You don't cause kernel deadlocks from userspace. In windbg, issue ~ command to list all threads. Can you see yours? Print its stack with ~nk, where n is the thread number. –  avakar May 29 '13 at 10:01
you have a missing comma here: CreateThread ( 0 , 0 (LPTHREAD_START_ROUTINE)MyThreadProc, –  spiritwolfform May 29 '13 at 10:07
@Voo : You are right . Unnecessary casting . I removed it but the problem still exists . –  Anantha Subramaniam May 29 '13 at 10:15

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So far seems to be a hang in Http Thread Implementation ( when run individually) where the Wininet dll loads causes the thread hang/freeze .The question will be reopened if the hang in http is fixed and the similar behaviour is simulated .

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