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I would like to assign the result of an interpreted variable to another varialbe.

Freemarker provides the built-in ?interpret to interpret a variable holding an ftl expression. See http://freemarker.sourceforge.net/docs/ref_builtins_expert.html#ref_builtin_interpret

If I do

[#if var1?has_content && var1?starts_with(r"${")]
    [#assign interpretedValue = var1?interpret!""]

The [@interpretedValue/] will output the interpreted value.

However, I'd like to assign the value of the interpreted value to a variable (in order to do some things such as ?has_content in the rest of my code). I tried [#assign varInterpretedValue = @interpretedValue] but this does not work.

Is this possible?

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Yes, like this:

[#assign capturedOutput][@(var1!'')?interpret /][/#assign]
${capturedOutput} [#-- Attention! Put this into #noescape if you are inside #escape! --]

Note that the !'' suff has to before the ?interpret, otherwise it doesn't do anything (since the result of ?interpret is always non-null).

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Your solution was almost right & put me on the right path (see solution in my answer). When trying this solution, I get the following error: var1!''?interpret is not a user-defined directive. It is a freemarker.template.SimpleScalar –  Adrien Be May 30 '13 at 10:07
Right... that should be (var1!'')?interpret. I have updated my answer. –  ddekany May 30 '13 at 10:35

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