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I am using VSTS 2008 + Native C++ to develop RPC programs (both client and server). I am reading MSDN document for marshalling (The wire_marshal Attribute).

I think this sentence is wrong:

"For an [out]-only parameter, the server transmits to the client. The server needs the <type>_UserSize and <type>_UserMarshal functions, while the client needs the <type>_UserMarshal function.".

I think when using [out] parameter, for client, it needs to convert from transmission type to application representation type -- which should be the unmarshal process (other than marshal process).
So, I think the sentence should say "while the client needs the <type>_UserUnmarshal function" other than "<type>_UserMarshal".

Any comments? Am I correct?

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You can take a look at the document Remote Procedure Call Protocol Extensions, at Windows Server Protocols documentation.

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