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I am working on a product options form whose contents should be cleared by a clearOptions() method each time the user adds an option. The option name TextInput is bound to a value object that is reinstantiated each time the the user adds a product option. The problem I am having is that the StringValidator fires each time the bound value object is reinstantiated.

<mx:StringValidator id="valOptionName" minLength="1" source="{txtOptionName}" property="text" trigger="{btnAddChangeOption}" triggerEvent="click"/>

<mx:TextInput id="txtOptionName" width="120" text="{currentProductOption.name}"/>

<mx:LinkButton id="btnAddChangeOption" label="Add/Change Option" click="saveUpdateOption(event)" horizontalCenter="0"/>

The following code is what causes the StringValidator to fire when it shouldn't. It results in a red outline around a text box.

private function clearOptions():void
    currentProductOption = new ProductOptionVO();

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I solved the problem by setting the source of the validator manually in the validation code and then switching it off before currentProductOption is reinstantiated.

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