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I have two files, file1 on server 1 and file2 on server 2.

Now I want to write a script to append the contents of file2 (from server 2) to file1 (on server 1), that is, without overwriting the original contents.

How can I do this with a shell script (using Ubuntu Linux)?

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what do you mean file1 is in server1? they're on different machines? you might want to copy file2 to server1 first, and then cat file2 >> file1 –  blue May 29 '13 at 10:32
I wanted to write a script. In that there is a case when i wanted to copy the content from one file to another file in another server. –  Mohammed Selman May 29 '13 at 11:49

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ssh server2 "cat /path/to/file2" | ssh server1 "cat >> /path/to/file1"

If minimizing network traffic is an issue, use the trickier-to-quote version:

ssh server2 'cat /path/to/file2 | ssh server1 "cat >> /path/to/file2"'

The first version transfers the file to your local host, then to server1. The second version transfers the file directly from server2 to server1. (If either file path contains spaces, the quoting becomes much trickier.)

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