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I'm using qnetworkaccessmanager for making HTTP requests. The hostname (FQDN) of the server I connect to, has two IP addresses in DNS and I need to control which one to use. The obvious solution (change the URL's hostname to IP address) does not work, because the server sends back a 302 redirect with the original hostname in the location field. If I follow the redirect, QT seems to randomly choose which IP it connects to.

Is there a way to tell qnetworkaccessmanager to use a given IP address on the TCP connect() level and use the Host header from the URL ? If not, any workaround suggestions are appreciated.

Edit: using QT 4.7.4

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You should be able to build a custom QNetworkRequest and specify the QNetworkRequest::LocationHeader to force a specific destination URL in case of a redirect. If you look at QNetworkAccessManager::sendCustomRequest (QNetworkAccessManager::sendCustomRequest doc), and QNetworkRequest::Attribute::RedirectionTarget and QNetworkRequest::KnownHeaders it should give you some hints about it.

(footnote: I'm using the harmattan documentation as the proper Qt documentation is down as of time of answer)

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Thanks for your suggestion, but it will not do what I'm looking for. sendCustomRequest() is designed for HTTP verbs other than the usual GET, POST, PUT and DELETE. Also, the Location header and redirection target is only relevant for responses. I need to modify the request so that I can control which IP it will be sent to and get a non-302 response for it. –  tpatja May 30 '13 at 8:09
I was just about to write a response and see you've solved it anyway. –  Nicholas Smith May 30 '13 at 8:46
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This seems to work and is a simple workaround: set the QNetworkRequest's URL to contain the desired IP address to connect to in the host part, but also use setCustomHeader("Host", "<server hostname>") to avoid the redirection. In my tests, QT will always use the IP set in the URL.

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