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has anyone implemented paypal pro payflo with asp classic?

(not using a certificate that needs to be installed)

I see some examples but I am trying to find a asp classic example

I would like to do this like the aim example where I sent a post to payapl and get a response if the card charged successfully or not

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Look into the PayPal Integration Center... Here.

Sample code for calling PayPal Web Service APIs is included with the PayPal SDK. To view the samples, download and install the SDK onto your computer.

Once you have downloaded and installed the SDK, you will find the samples in the following directories. Where provided, open the README file in the directory for specific information about the samples.

PayPal SDK for Classic ASP Samples are located in the samples\ClassicASP directory. The actual code that forms the API requests and makes the calls is located in the paypal.asp file.

The Classic ASP Samples are here.

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My problem is that I can't install the sdk on a shared server I am looking to do it via a xml request(…) - has anyone done this already that can save me time coding it? – user2236678 May 29 '13 at 17:52

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