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I got a line for a Qlabel like this:

QString(tr("Are you sure you want to delete the scene called %1 ?")).arg(variable);

Some people told me you can't translate that. They told me to append different strings with the parameters and the text...

But what about a phrase using various parameters? How does the translator know which order if it is appended in that order?.

Has no sense for me. There must be a way!.

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Should should drop the QString(...) part, since tr() already returns a QString. Otherwise I don't see a problem with the translation of the following code:

tr("Are you sure you want to delete the scene called %1 ?").arg(variable);

In the Use QString::arg() for Dynamic Text part of the Qt documentation you can find more information.

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Superb. That´s what i wanted. Exactly. –  darkgaze May 30 '13 at 8:25

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