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Imagine you have the following scenario:

  • a property in your action: private Entity entity;
  • Entity has a List<Entity2> entity2List
  • Entity2 has a Entity3 entity3

Now, you need an <s:select> with multiple="true" to populate entity3. This corresponds to having a request in the form entity.entity2List[n] (n=0,1,2...depending on how many items are selected).

Question: In the JSP, what should the "name" parameter of the s:select be to achieve this?

I have tried the following without success (meaning entity.entity2List has is empty):

<s:select multiple="true" name="%{entity.entity2List[]}" list="#someList" listKey="id" listValue="code"/>
<s:select multiple="true" name="entity.entity2List[]" list="#someList" listKey="id" listValue="code"/>
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I think you should implement custom struts type converter. Name attribute should be written as entity.entity2List. Implement the converter to convert the value to entity2 type object (which in-turn contains entity3). Set the value to id field of entity3 – Rachit Agrawal May 29 '13 at 11:20
Use the indexed properties… – Roman C May 29 '13 at 11:25

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