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I have a gem that is hosted on github and not yet pushed to rubygems, and I added a tag to the master branch of the gem like this:

git tag –a v0.1.0 –m "gem version 0.1.0"
git push origin —tags

and then in a rails application I have on github I edited my gemfile like so:

gem 'your-gem', git: 'git://github.com/your-repo/your-gem.git', tag: 'v0.1.0'

My question is, when I merge in additional changes into the master branch of my gem, my rails application will still point to the last commit before I made the tag? I just want to make sure adding additional changes to the gems master branch will not break anything in the rails app. Thank You

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The correct command is git push origin --tags, or git push origin v0.1.0 if you want to push just the one tag, but otherwise yes, your expectation is correct.

See here for more on bundling gems from git repositories: http://gembundler.com/v1.3/git.html

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