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I would like an really easy way to see the content in any temptable in Progress?

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Very Interesting

I found this doc online:

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You could also for instance produce XML

tthTmp:WRITE-XML("FILE","c:\temp\tt.xml", TRUE).

or (maybe not quite as easy) output as a semi colon delimited file

OUTPUT TO c:\temp\file.txt.
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I just found out an easy way to dump a temp-table to file using Json (from 10.2B). WRITE-JSON is the trick!!

DEFINE TEMP-TABLE ttTmp                                             
  FIELD FieldA          AS CHAR                                         
  FIELD FieldB          AS CHAR.                                        

CREATE ttTmp.                                                           
ASSIGN ttTmp.FieldA = "A"                                               
      ttTmp.FieldB = "B".                                               

DEFINE VARIABLE tthTmp AS HANDLE  NO-UNDO. /* Handle to temptable */    
DEFINE VARIABLE lReturnValue AS LOGICAL NO-UNDO.                        
tthTmp = TEMP-TABLE ttTmp:HANDLE.                                       

lReturnValue = tthTmp:WRITE-JSON("FILE", "c:\temp\tthTmp.txt", TRUE, ?).

/* Output File tthTmp.txt                                               
{"ttTmp": [                                                             
    "FieldA": "A",                                                      
    "FieldB": "B"                                                       
 Output File tthTmp.txt */                                              
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