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I use Notepad++ a lot but there's one feature I miss: a quick search/marker toolbar.

Another great editor that has this feature is the EmEditor:

On that toolbar we can click to highlight all the results of that search expression on the document and at the same time move to the next result (F3-like behavior). Holding the Shift key while clicking the marker moves to the previous results (Shift-F3 like behavior).

That is a great help to navigate on huge log files.

Since Notepad++ has style tokens and basic search shortcuts, my question is: is there any plugin that accomplishes that result (configurable toolbar shortcuts to highlight all results and navigate to the next/previous result, only a click away)?

Thank you

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In the Find window, select the Mark tab. Ensure Bookmark lines is selected. Enter the search criteria, including regular expressions if desired. Click Mark All. Use the F2 key to step through the marked lines. The F2 is just one of many bookmark operations available via Menu => Search => Bookmark.

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Thank you for your answer. I understand that Notepad++ already has the individual features implemented. My goal is to have that functionality gathered in a single feature like the markers on the EmEditor. The steps you describe force me to type every token before each search. That's time consuming, error prone and not practical when handling more than a couple of tokens. –  nelson.t.cunha May 29 '13 at 14:39
@nelson.t.cunha Have you tried Incremental Search (Ctrl+Alt+I) in Notepad++ and then using the forward and backward icons? –  AdrianHHH May 29 '13 at 16:09
Hi @AdrianHHH thank you for your reply. Yes, I know the Incremental Search feature. Please note that my goal is automate the tasks that I apply a lot of times on my log files: for a few tokens, Stylize all occurrences with a different color per token and quickly Find-Next/Find-Previous. Since incremental search expects me to type the search token, it doesn't help me with those tasks. –  nelson.t.cunha May 29 '13 at 17:41

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