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I am using Python to gather information in Artists.

Among other sources I want to use Last.FM an scrape information on Scrobbles and Listeners per Artist.

Can somebody tell me whether this is possible via an API or whether I should give BeautifulSoup a shot and parse the HTML?

I am already using the pylast module for Python but could not figure out how it should work.

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Have you tried: ? – jkovacs Jun 3 '13 at 9:50

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Here's how to do it with pylast:

#!/usr/bin/env python
import pylast

# You have to have your own unique two values for API_KEY and API_SECRET
# Obtain yours from for

lastfm_network = pylast.LastFMNetwork(api_key = API_KEY, api_secret = API_SECRET)

artist = lastfm_network.get_artist("Test Artist")

print "Listeners:", artist.get_listener_count()
print "Scrobbles:", artist.get_playcount()


Listeners: 851
Scrobbles: 3434
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