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I've got an array. If someone reserve a table, reserve in the array is set to true.

$rootScope.tafels = [
    {id: 0, text:'table 2a, 4 persons.', reserve:false}, 
    {id: 1, text:'table 3b, 8 persons.', reserve:false}

And I've got an function for returning the length of the array:

$rootScope.getTotaalTafels = function()
    { return $rootScope.tafels.length; };

Now the difficult part that I can not solve, maybe you can:

I want to return the total tables that are not reserved, with my function showed above. How do I apply a filter to it?

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Javascript 1.6 implements the filter function which allows exactly this:

$rootScope.getTotaalTafels = function(){
    return $rootScope.tafels.filter(function(value,index){
        return !value.reserve;

If you need to support older browsers there is a backward compatible function implementing this behaviour available here.

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Thank you, it works. –  P Griep May 29 '13 at 13:47

Use $filter with the last version of AngularJS ;)

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Can you provide an example of how $filter would be used for the dataset in question? –  Ben Jones Feb 25 '14 at 1:12

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