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I have an editform with a dropdown for choosing a category. I also made a function for getting the category from the database.

I set an array $opties for the dropdown to select form and a 'selected' parameter called $selectie this one contains the category for that specific company in the database.

It looks like this:

<td><?= form_label('Categorieen'); ?></td>
<td><?= form_dropdown('categorieen', $opties, $selectie); ?></td>


Why is my 'selected' part not working?

When I do a print_r($selectie) I get:

    [12] => Vlaggen

which is my category in the database.

When I do a print_r($opties) I get:

    [11] => Webdesign
    [12] => Vlaggen
    [13] => Auto-s
    [14] => Electronica
    [15] => Boeken
    [16] => Antiek-en-Kunst
    [17] => Auto-Onderdelen
    [18] => Computers-Hardware
    [19] => Computers-Software

I don't know what the problem is. Some help would be appreciated.


function updatebedrijven()
    $dbres = $this->db->get('categorieen');
    $ddmenu = array();
    foreach ($dbres->result_array() as $tablerow) {
        $ddmenu[$tablerow['idcategorieen']] = $tablerow['Categorie'];
    $data['opties'] = $ddmenu;
    $id = $this->uri->segment(3); 
    $id2 = $this->uri->segment(3); 

    $data['selected'] = $this->members_model->getselection($id2);

    $data['info'] = $this->members_model->getbedrijf($id); 
    $data['id'] = $id;
    $this->load->view('members/editform', $data);


//This one is for the $opties

function getbedrijf($id) 
    $this->db->where('idbedrijven', $id); 
    $query = $this->db->get('bedrijven'); 

    if ($query->num_rows() == 1) { 
    $row = $query->row_array(0); 

    return $row; 

//This one is for the $selectie

function getselection($id2)
    $this->db->join('categorieen', 'bedrijfcategorieen.idcategorieen = categorieen.idcategorieen');
    $this->db->where('bedrijfcategorieen.idbedrijven', $id2);
    $query = $this->db->get();

    return $query->result();
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form_dropdown uses the arrays key => value as its 'value' and 'option', to select a data from your dropdown you will need the key of your selected data for example you choose

[12] => Vlaggen to select it you need its key which is 12, and not an array like

    [12] => Vlaggen

//just for testing
echo form_dropdown('categorieen', $opties, key($selectie)); 
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A case of RTFM –  Cristian May 29 '13 at 14:44
so i just need the id. that's possible. –  Kees Sonnema May 29 '13 at 14:45
Thanks! worked. –  Kees Sonnema May 30 '13 at 6:42

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