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class compare
    bool operator()(const int x,const int y) const
        if(x-y == 0) 
            return false;
            return true; 

int main()
    std::map<char,int,compare> mymap;

    //Add data into map
    mymap.insert ( std::pair<char,int>('f',100) );
    mymap.insert ( std::pair<char,int>('a',100) );
    mymap.insert ( std::pair<char,int>('k',100) );
    mymap.insert ( std::pair<char,int>('z',200) );

    //try to find a key in map
    std::map<char,int,compare>::iterator l_pos = mymap.begin();
    l_pos = mymap.find('z');

    if(l_pos != mymap.end())
        printf("\nfound = %c\n",l_pos->first);
        printf("Not found = %c\n",l_pos->first);


Not found =

But if I display the map I can see the contents. mymap contains: f => 100 a => 100 k => 100 z => 20

Find in a stl map doesn't work when a custom compare function is written which stops keys from sorting. The Find fails. Is there a way to fix this? Find doesn't return any data. I know stl maps are not for this purpose. But is there way to fix this? The Compare function stops sorting. The entries are stored in reverse order. When I use a for loop to iterate through the map I can see all the values. It is only the find command which is not working.

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Your comparison must implement strict weak ordering Otherwise the results are undefined. –  juanchopanza May 29 '13 at 13:42
Be aware that std::map is distinct from the STL map. STL is the library that much of the standard library was based off of, but the standard library template containers and algorithms are not the STL. –  Yakk May 29 '13 at 13:45

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Your compare functor is broken.

A map uses a comparator to implement strict weak ordering.

23.1.2 Associative Containers

Each associative container is parameterized on Key and an ordering relation Compare that induces a strict weak ordering (25.3) on elements of Key.

Your compare() function doesn't do this, and so results in Undefined Behavior. It isn't map that's broken here, but your use of it so there is no way to "fix" this other than reimplementing compare() so as to induce strict weak ordering on the elements, or use a container other than map.

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std::map requires that your comparison operator implement strict weak ordering and the behavior is undefined if the comparator doesn't implement those requirements. You can't make your map work with the comparison you have.

Perhaps if you go into more detail about the real problem you're trying to solve we can help you.

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I am currently using for loop to find an element. –  user2432572 May 29 '13 at 13:51
@user2432572 that is irrelevant. Your map is broken. –  juanchopanza May 29 '13 at 14:04

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