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I'm new to selenium.

In my application, it has several tabs, say 'AAA','ABC','ADF'; I need to automate the click on tab 'ABC'.

Those tabs have ids and they are 'tab1','tab2','tab3'. I can done this easily by using ids. but i don't want to use this because those tabs will change time to time. so I need to use the name in the tab, because it is unique.

Please tell me how to do it.

Below is my tag:

<a id="tab2" class="current" onclick="expandcontent('sc2', this);" href="#"> ABC </a>


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If this is the case, you will probably need to fall back to XPath and perform text-based searches, for instance:


Though, I'd advise you work with your development team to have consistent ID's. Text based matching is fine, but when you start to use older browsers you'll notice it really really slows down the tests.

However, you can also use the .LinkText and .PartialLinkText selectors in your language API's - there should be an implementation of those selectors in each API (C#, Ruby, Python etc). The catch here is this will be for a (anchor) elements only. However, providing that is the only type of elements this needs to be done by, you can get away with using this instead of XPath.

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Welcome to SO!

As Arran mentioned, you are likely best off searching for the tab names using XPath but, you can also use FindBy as well. An example of this would be:

@FindBy(css=<the CSS value for the tab>)     private WebElement pageTab2;
@FindBy(id="tab2")                           private WebElement pageTab2;

I can only agree with what Arran also mentioned about your developers using more relevant naming conventions as well. The easier they make your job, the more you can do to make their lives easier too.

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Simplest answer will be Use..."link=ABC" or link=" ABC " (it there are leading and trailing spaces).

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