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I'm working with jquery Mobile 1.0, I need to show an order list. It will show all record by default and filter record on dropdown selection.

This is what I've tried

function show_List(urlObj, options) {
    var sortValue = 0;
    var headerTextList;
    $("#dList").bind("change", function (event, ui) {
        sortValue = $(this).val();
        if (sortValue == 1) {
            headerTextList = "<B><font color=navy>Completed Work Orders </font></B>";
        else if (sortValue == 2) {
            headerTextList = "<B><font color=navy>In Process Work Orders </font></B>";
        else if (sortValue == 3) {
            headerTextList = "<B><font color=navy>Pending Work Orders </font></B>";
        else if (sortValue == 0) {
            headerTextList = "<B><font color=navy>All Work Orders </font></B>";

        getListView(sortValue, urlObj, options, headerTextList);
       // ajax call based on sortvalue

    getListView(sortValue, urlObj, options, headerTextList);// ajax call
    // ajax call based on sortvalue

Above method call on

$(document).bind("pagebeforechange", function (e, data) {
if (typeof data.toPage === "string") {

    var u = $.mobile.path.parseUrl(data.toPage);
    var qrcode = /^#Orderlist/;
    if (u.hash.search(qrcode) !== -1) {
        show_List(u, data.options);

Its working fine but it call the method getListView twice and I want only one ajax call, any idea?

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add cache:false in your ajax call, maybe it's the cache issue with IE if you use IE. Could you add some console.log and see what doesn't trigger? –  TecHunter May 29 '13 at 14:17
@TecHunter problem is getListView triggering twice –  Siz S May 29 '13 at 14:21
ah sorry, well try the commonly used e.stopPropagation() in your change. also prefer using .on instead of .bind or .live –  TecHunter May 29 '13 at 14:24

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