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I have a textarea in which I am inserting values selected from the autocomplete field, What I want to do is get the updated value from the textarea.

supposing I enter three characters a, b and c in the textarea I delete character c. The problem I have is-> again when I select a character from the autocomplete field the character selected does not show up in the textarea,

The character does get added to the memory i.e. the html code. But does not show up in the textarea. Below is the html

<div id="secondary" style="min-width:100px; min-height: 10px; float:left">write any character from a to f
    <label for="somechar"></label>
    <input id="somechar" size="22">
    <textarea id="some-log" class="log" class="ui-widget-content"></textarea>

Here is the Jquery and javascript code

var secondary = [

the function below logs the message in the textarea. here is where i need the updated value. I dont know how i can use some thing like var thought= $("textarea#some-log").val(); over here

function some_log(thought) {
    $("#some-log").append(thought+ ", ").prependTo("#some-log");

$("#somechar") /* this function is required when selecting multiple values */
.bind("keydown", function (event) {
    if (event.keyCode === $.ui.keyCode.TAB && $(this).data("ui-autocomplete").menu.active) {

This is Jquery autocomplete

    minLength: 0,
    source: function (request, response) {
        // delegate back to autocomplete, but extract the last term
        secondary, extractLast(request.term)));
    focus: function () {
        // prevent value inserted on focus
        return false;
    select: function (event, ui) {

        some_log(ui.item ? 
                          ui.item.value :
            "Nothing selected, input was " + this.value);

        var terms = split(this.value);
        // remove the current input
        // add the selected item
        // add placeholder to get the comma-and-space at the end
        this.value = terms.join(", ");
        return false;


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what is extractLast? –  Arun P Johny May 29 '13 at 15:38
your jsfiddle has some problems, you need to select the jQuery framework and then also select jQuery UI as in jsfiddle.net/arunpjohny/BR223/1 –  Arun P Johny May 29 '13 at 15:39
I am using the autocomplete jquery ui code. here it wont matter. it doesnt have anything to do with the updating the text area field –  pratikgala May 29 '13 at 15:40
jsfiddle.net/pratik24/MMpDv/1 –  pratikgala May 29 '13 at 15:41

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function some_log(thought) {
        return this.value + thought + ',';

Demo: Fiddle

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This works.. Thank you Arun P Johny. you are really awsm. –  pratikgala May 29 '13 at 15:58

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