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How can I create an attributed label in Cocos2d?

Specifically I'm looking for a label where the color of each word can be unique. I read about ZAttributed string however the Github page no longer exists. Also searching the Cocos2d v2.1-beta2 codebase doesn't turn up anything for attributed string on iOS.

If nothing exists I'll probably just create my own object. I think everything would be straight forward except possibly the spacing between groups of words across a color change boundry.

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CCLabelBMFont label is a series of textures that can be manipulated like any normal sprite. You can run actions on them, transform them and change their color.

Letters are tagged by their position

CCSprite *gletter = (CCSprite*)[label getChildByTag:0];
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Ok that sounds good! How can I create a CCLabelBMFont using a built-in font like Arial? – SundayMonday May 29 '13 at 17:31

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