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I want to access a MySQL database and I want to read+write data from+to the database within my Qt/C++ program. For the read write process, I try to use QSqlTableModel, QSqlTableRcord and QSqlDatabase as this is a very pleasant approach without too much of SQL commands which I dislike for the one or other reason (to handle myself). I got a similar approach already running (so the database is running already) but it is cluttered all over. So the simple question is what am I doing wrong within these few lines of example code: Using QT 4.5.x The test database has 3 columns: float x, float y, blob img

int main(){
QImage img("./some_image.png");
QSqlDatabase db = QSqlDatabase::addDatabase("QMYSQL");
if (!db.open() )
    qDebug("Mising db / unable to open");
else {
    QSqlTableModel model;
    qDebug() << "tables::" <<db.tables(); //so I see the table exists and gets detected

    QSqlRecord rec;

    QByteArray ba;
    QBuffer buffer(&ba);
    img.save(&buffer, "PNG");

    qDebug() << model.lastError().text();
    if (!model.submitAll())
        qDebug() << "Submit all did not work";
    return 0;

Thx for any help, I already run from one end of the Qt docs to the other but did not find a solution and I already wasted 5 hours doing that, so I am thankful for any hint (unless you suggest to do it completely different).

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Could you add some more information on how this fails? What's the value of model.lasterror().text()? –  Andomar Nov 5 '09 at 18:22
it's empty, so I am really clueless –  drahnr Nov 6 '09 at 10:03

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Your QSqlRecord doesn't have any fields defined. You need to add

rec.append(QSqlField("x", QVariant::Double));
rec.append(QSqlField("y", QVariant::Double));
rec.append(QSqlField("img", QVariant::Image));

before you set the values

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