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I am having trouble re-installing gfortran on my mac after upgrading to mountain lion.

I have:

  • Downloaded the latest version of XCode and installed command line tools.
  • I tried running gfortran but it is not available in gcc4.2 so...
  • I downloaded the latest version of fink and fink commander.
  • I downloaded gcc4.8 through fink and the install was performed successfully.

Now I am stuck, the gfortran command still does not work (command not found), there is also no gcc-4.8 or gfortran-4.8 in usr/bin and so I cannot rename gcc. If I run gcc-4.8 I also get "command not found".

I have spent hours on these sites but still cannot solve the problem, can anyone help me?

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If you have installed fink in the default location then the gcc/gfortran/g++ packages should be be found in


and called

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