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Looking for pseudo code to help me figure this question out:

After processing the text file into your concordance you will print all of the words and their counts. Print one word-count pair per line.

So if the text file had two "and"s it would print and:2, not and:1, and:2.

count = 1;
if (*value > 1){ //finds all words repeated at least once
printf("%s:%d\n, word, count):


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Well, have a shot at it, what steps would you take to be able to do that? –  slugonamission May 29 '13 at 16:58

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If the file is not big enough, you can store each word of the file in a hashtable which would store words as keys and their count as values. If there is a hash collision or the word is already in hash table, increment count else keep on adding new words into hash.

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