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Connect-VIServer $vmserver -User $vmuser -Password $vmpass
#Create snapshot
$task1 = New-Snapshot -Name 'variable' -VM $vmname -RunAsync
Start-Sleep -Seconds 60
Wait-Task -Task $task1

#Restart VM
$task2 = Restart-VM -VM $vmname -Confirm:$false -RunAsync
Start-Sleep -Seconds 60
Wait-Task -Task $task2

#Revert Snapshot
$task3 = Set-VM -VM $vmname  -Snapshot 'Fresh' -Confirm:$false -RunAsync
Wait-Task -Task $task3

This is not waiting for the snapshot to be created(task1) and proceeds to task2, which of course fails since already some operation is being performed .Also, while creating the snapshot it says this operation can't be performed in the current state even though it creates the VM.

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anybody there,please help me out ASAP...i am stuck at this thing for long time today...Thanks,in advance..:) –  user2432894 May 30 '13 at 6:06

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I'm curious if -RunAsync and wait-task can do the job you expect. Maybe not? Check out help About_RunAsync if you haven't already.

Here is another approach:

New-Snapshot -Name test -VM $vmname
do {write-host "snapping..."; start-sleep -sec 5}
until (get-snapshot -vm $vmname -name test)
write-host "snapped"

and another thrilling read: help wait-job

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