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I have build Opencv With TBB enabled. And used "detectMultiscale" and wrote a basic program to detect the face. I couldnt find any changes in processing time if there is a face in a frame. Also i noticed that the processing time has been reduced by two times if there is no face in a frame(empty).

1) How to improve the processing time now?

2) Is it worth to go for Intel IPP? What could be the actual benefit?

Can anyone give me an advice?


I did this with opencv2.4.5.

Update 2:

I Posted the same question in opencv community and got the reply as TBB is pre-enabled from opencv2.4.5 and we doesnt need to re-build opencv with TBB enbled? Is that correct?

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Use of the IPP is rather depreciated, and is really only in OpenCV for historic reasons (i.e. when OpenCV was an Intel Library!)

As per the most recent documentation, what little benefit remains...

``may be used to improve the performance of color conversion, Haar training and DFT functions of the OpenCV library.''

So you might get some benefit from it - but crucially rememember the IPP library is not free.

Since you are already using the TBB (which is itself rather redundant these days - especially on Windows version of OpenCV) the only real gains may be in using the GPU or OpenCL modules.

And of those, assuming you are working in C++, the OpenCL really represents the most up-to-date and accessible way of incorporating further speed-up (transparent of processor/gpu configuration).

Since you are doing face detection I guess you might have beeing using the Haar classifier functionality (doesn't everyone:-). In which case, you may want to try the OpenCL version instead...

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+ Thanks for your answer. Can you see my update. Is the answer in this link correct?… – 2vision2 May 31 '13 at 6:42
That is certainly correct with regards to the most recent Windows distributions of OpenCV (the versions I have used) - since the tbb.dll is bundled and is requirement of the pre-built OpenCV DLLs. So, in other-words if you are using the Windows lib distribution it is included - but if you were to build it from scratch/git yourself, you would require to have a version of the TBB on the include/lib paths, etc. – timlukins May 31 '13 at 8:26

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