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I know that in Python you can find and replace with


But, how would you proceed, if you wanted more processing, like you get a single digit number and you add x to it?

I'd have not problem doing it with a function and slicing and pasting the original string into a new one, with the regex matching pattern changed, but what is the simplest way of doing it?

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You can call a function rather than a simple replacement string in re.sub:

>>> re.sub('(\d+)',
...     lambda x: ' {}+3={} '.format(x.group(1),int(x.group(1))+3),
...     'a12c')
'a 12+3=15 c'


def r(m):
    return ' {}+{}={} '.format(m.group(1),m.group(2),

>>> print re.sub('(\d)(\d)',r,'a12c')
'a 1+2=3 c' 
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