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Is there a way to use a value from an aggregate function in a having clause in Postgresql 9.2+?

For example, I would like to get each monkey_id with a 2nd highest number > 123, as well as the second highest number. In the example below, I'd like to get (monkey_id 1, number 222).

monkey_id | number
1         | 222
1         | 333
2         | 0
2         | 444

  (array_agg(number ORDER BY number desc))[2] as second 
FROM monkey_numbers 
GROUP BY monkey_id
HAVING second > 123

I get column "second" does not exist.

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You will have to place that in the having clause

FROM monkey_numbers 
GROUP BY monkey_id
HAVING array_agg(number ORDER BY number desc)[2] > 123

The explanation is that the having will be executed before the select so second still doesn't exist at that time.

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