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Hi I have a case class .

case class User(
  name: Name,
  gender: String ,age:string}

This is a sample case class in some cases my json is incomplete like


Now when I am trying to convert this json to case class using following code

  import sjson.json._
val js = JsValue.fromString(json);
   val userObj = fromjson[User](js)

It's giving me error . Is there any way we can create case class objects from incomplete JSON.

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What's the error you are getting? –  cmbaxter May 29 '13 at 19:22

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Try changing your case class to:

case class User(name: Name,gender: String ,age:Option[String])

If age won't always be there, you need to declare it as optional.

In addition, if age is actually an int in the json when specified like this:

{"name":"sagar","gendar":"male", "age":25}

Then the case class will have to be defined as:

case class User(name: Name,gender: String ,age:Option[Int])
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