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I was wondering how to have a better control of my d3.brush component. I would like to have some extra controls on it, like:

  • right click (opens a special menu, instead of regular browser one - and instead of strange brush behavior )
  • been able to disable the resizable (i.e. allowing the user to only move the brush and not resizing it) brush feature (whenever I want to control it)

I've already read some older similar questions here but no luck so far.

I can already read when a right click happend on my brush area with:

//code from an older post 
function rightClick() { 
         if (d3.event.sourceEvent.which == 3 || d3.event.sourceEvent.button 
== 2) { //3==firefox, 2==ie 
                 return true; 
         } else { 
                 return false; 

and here is my code that uses the rightClicl() return:

function brushed() {
        console.log("Right click : " + rightClick());
    else {
        console.log("Right click <false> : " + rightClick())

                x.domain(brush.empty() ? x.domain() : brush.extent());
                  //do something and redraw it
                else{ //correctiong when brush.empty() restables x.domain to general value
         }//end-of first else

but every time rightClick() is true, I still have my brush acting "as a regular" left-click.

Any help / insight is appreciated.

Thank you for your time.

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