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I want to be able to programmatically update a Youtube playlist using nodejs. In theory, this is possible using the Google API and jsonc.

As I want to do this without user interaction I have been battling with using a Google API Service Account on nodejs server.

Notice there is no API Client Library for Javascript listed on this page.

I then stumbled across this message in the Google documentation for using Service Accounts with Google Drive:

For security reasons service accounts are not supported in client-side Javascript. Service accounts for server-side Javascript is not yet supported.

Is this saying that what I want to achieve is not possible? I cannot use a Service Account on a NodeJS server to make changes to a playlist without user interaction?

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Correct. Not yet supported. There have been security problems with service accounts. This may become possible in the future.

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Are there any updates on this issue? –  Steve Farthing Apr 3 '14 at 12:25

Since yet there is no integration via Javascript for security reasons , you maybe want to try implementing this library.


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