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I have a form with an input that follows this pattern:


an example would be +999-123456789

I have to form validate it again using javascript and have tried to convert the pattern into a Regex, the example passes the pattern but fails passing the regex. Any idea as to why?

var check = /^([00|+])([0-9]{2,3})[-]?([0-9]{8,10})$/;
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Why don't you do the same check? /^(\+|00)\d{2,3}-\d{8,10}$/.test('+999-123456789'); // true – Paul S. May 29 '13 at 20:22
 your regex seems to pass your sample string, although as @Pointy mentioned, it wont work with double zeroes leading – smerny May 29 '13 at 20:27

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Your regular expression is incorrect. This:


is equivalent to


and means "match a single character that's either '0', '|', or '+'." I think you want:

var check = /^(00|\+)(\d{2,3})-(\d{8,10)$/;
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Here is your pattern tranferred to a RegEx: /(\+|00)\d{2,3}-{0,1}\d{8,10}$/. Example below.

var number = '+999-123456789';

if (number.match(/(\+|00)\d{2,3}-{0,1}\d{8,10}$/)) {
  alert('Phone number valid!');
} else {
  alert('Phone number invalid.');

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