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I know how to send an image from my app to server. (PHP) Now I would like to know how to send an image to my app from the server.

I know I could made available a URL an upload the image from an URL, but is it possible to send it to the app without providing an image URL as a form of variable or something like that (and not base64 given the 33% size increase)? If it is possible could anyone point me in the right direction?

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I would suggest you to use JSON reply with the image URL from the server. Only you received the image URL you can store the image to your app. I am a PHP developer once I work for a Android and IPhone project, I given then image URL to the App team and they followed the above method and they got success. hope this might give you some more solutions.

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You can receive a string from server which should contain image in the form of data then after receiving you can make an image from it by using [UIImage imageWithData:(NSData *)]

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If you want to do it yourself using NSURLConnection you can make an uiimage from an NSData. Or your can use the SDwebImage libraray which is probably the most simplest way to implement this.

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