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I have been trying to create a legend for an R plot with the rainbow option but I am facing some difficulties.

I plot

plot(test$a,test$b, col = rainbow(length(test$s))[rank(test$s)])

with the colour assigned according to test$s. The problem is that test$s is equal for many values of the data frame test so if than I write


I get in the legend all duplicates of test$s but the colours are correct. Since I don't want the duplicates I wrote


but then all the colours are messed up!

Thanks in advance

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You're problem is that unique(test.sub$s) is not the same length as rainbow(length(test.sub$s))[rank(test.sub$s]. My solution would be to do:

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I have put legend('topright',legend=unique(test.sub$s),col=rainbow(length(test.sub$s))[rank‌​(test.s‌​ub$s)][!duplicated(test.sub$s)],pch=1,cex=0.8,ncol=6) but it give me just 2 colours –  user2287387 May 30 '13 at 8:27

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