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I don't have admin privileges on my work computer (OSX) and do some light Python scripting (mostly web scraping). I don't have admin privileges at work and don't really want to learn OSX but I also don't want to lug my Ubuntu laptop around everyday just to write scrapers.

Is there a straightforward way for me to install modules without admin privileges? It seems like I need sudo to run easy_install. I can ask to have things installed, but I'd rather not have to ask every time I want to see if a module does what I need. FWIW, right now I just need BeautifulSoup and csv

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I get around this at work by having a personal installation of python on a filesystem I do have privileges on, away from the default installation location. Is this possible? Although virtual environments are a typical work-around, I dont know anything about them, especially on OS-X –  Snoozer May 29 '13 at 21:52

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Others have mentioned using virtualenv or pyvenv. That has its advantages, but if you want a quick and dirty solution, you can use the --user option to easy_install to install packages without admin rights. It installs it somewhere under your home directory.


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Just install virtualenv once, then work on local environments. It's a good practice too.

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You could create a per-user python installation using pyenv. You can then install modules without requiring any administrative rights. https://github.com/yyuu/pyenv

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