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I am trying to use geospatial 2dsphere on an field that is an array of coordinates.

I have cities with areas and each city has its own array of areas. When I try to do an intersection, i test myArea only with the areas of a particular city. Thus, I don't want to put ALL AREAS from all cities in the same collection.

Thus my question, how do you set this up?

My server is nodejs and i use native mongodb lib, if it helps.

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GeoJSON does define a MultiPoli datatype, which has been implemented in recent releases of MongoDB. If you can't use one of these versions, you can workaround, by creating a document for each city in one collection, and a document for each Polygon associated to a city in another collection while storing the id of the original city.


city Collection:

    _id: ObjectId("51f67cfb20ea59dba539d9f8"),
    name: 'New York',

city_polys Collection

    city_id: ObjectId("51f67cfb20ea59dba539d9f8"),
    loc: {
            type: Polygon,
            coordinates: ...

You can then create a 2dsphere index on the city_poly's loc field.

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while I made a workaround by doing the intersection in nodejs (server) but your answer is acceptable. cheers. –  Discipol Jul 29 '13 at 19:48
It's worth nothing that support for MultiPoli (SERVER-8907) has currently only been added to the 2.5 development/unstable release of MongoDB, so is planned for the 2.6 production release later in the year. –  Stennie Aug 19 '13 at 13:13

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